Virtual Mailboxes & Registered Business Address Services

Virtual Mailboxes

£15 per month

Business can become very messy and hard to organise, especially when it comes to important correspondences with HMRC. That’s why ShiftWorks’ virtual business address services let you direct all of your business mail to one place, ready for you to collect from your locker whenever you like.

A virtual business address also opens up a whole host of other benefits like reaching new markets and potential customers, take the first step and sign up today for just £15 per month.

ShiftWorks Virtual Mailbox Registered Business Address

Registered Business Address

£45 per year

Start-ups, mobile & home based businesses often register their business to our address. Firstly this presents their company as having a large, prestigious address. Secondly suppliers, clients & other third parties are kept away from their home address.

Overseas businesses also use our address to give a virtual presence in the UK.  Having a virtual UK address helps portray a large & prestigious image to a company.

We are also happy to quote for bespoke or one off mail handling services. Pop in or message us.

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