Coworking Spaces and Mental Health: A Happier Workplace?

Coworking spaces have risen to prevalence in recent years as the gig economy continues to grow without threat or slowing, and employees and employers alike look to facilitate a far more flexible workplace. According to Statista, a staggeringly low 16% of people consider the typical 9am-5pm working day as ideal hours, with more people calling for a flexible workplace that allow them to manage their lives far easier. Additionally, 4.2million people worked from home in 2019, a number which has grown every year for the past decade and is almost certain to be incredibly higher in 2020 due to the global pandemic.


Coworking office spaces facilitate companies to allow for a far more flexible workforce, that not only allows their employees more freedom to manage their own workload and work hours that suit their lifestyle but to also improve their efficiency and productivity in the virtual workplace. A trial in remote working by tech giant, Siemens, uncovered some very interest results regarding productivity and profits. They sent their workforce to work remotely to see what effect it would have on their mood and productivity, along with how it would impact profits for Siemens. The results have shown that employees were far more productive than they had been in the office, as well as happier as they felt they had more downtime between shifts and Siemens enjoyed increased profits from the reduction in expenses from utilities and facilities. However, it wasn’t all good news for the employees of Siemens as some felt a little detached from teams and co-workers despite regular catch-ups on video conferencing software, further illustrating the human need for interaction, even in the workplace.


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Coworking spaces offer a fantastic opportunity for companies to utilise remote working without the negatives of working solely from home. The feelings of isolation and solitude are removed by working in a friendly office space with a vast array of other business professionals. They also tend to be more relaxed, removing the common stresses of working in an office environment, and thus improving creativity and productivity within a workforce. Working from home has been proven to have a detrimental effect on mental health, ranging from mood, motivation and inspiration. It’s easy to fall into a rut working in the space that is supposed to be your escape from your work life.


Small business owners find themselves in these situations often. While it’s incredibly liberating working for yourself and pursuing a dream or passion, it can become very easy to suffer from imposter syndrome or a lack of motivation by working from home. It stems from being alone too often, with too much time to think about your doubts and not having someone there to motivate you past those thoughts. If you’re a business owner that has typically worked from a home office due to the financial restrictions of buying or renting your own workspace, a coworking space could be the answer to your prayers, especially for your business aspirations. Not only are coworking spaces far more affordable than any private premises, but they also help your business bloom with networking opportunities and by simply being in the right environment that helps to encourage ideas and creativity.


Coworking spaces are responsible for the birth of many successful businesses, and often it’s the first step to taking your sole or joint venture to the next level, making it a fully-fledged and profitable business with a viable and exciting future. Similarly, if you’re a company looking to allow your employees the freedom to work remotely without fearing the mental health impacts, a coworking space can be the perfect in-between, not only maximising profits but employee happiness and productivity.


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