COVID-19 & Coworking Spaces: Lessons Learned

The global pandemic that was thrust upon us all in 2020 caused more than a few challenges for everyone, both personally and professionally. However, in the midst of the anguish, the pandemic taught us some important lessons about flexible working, remote working and the importance of decentralised working locations. Not to mention the trials that working from home brings. In this article, we’re going to explore what COVID-19 taught us about coworking spaces and how we can use this to propel businesses in 2021.


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First of all, COVID-19 forced companies worldwide to take a long hard look at their business operations, from their emergency budgets, the flexibility of the workforce and how disasters affect business operations. The apparent requirement to send entire workforces’ home to carry on their roles without presenting medical threats to one another was probably the biggest obstacle to overcome initially, with companies that have never considering remote working as an option suddenly left without any discerning alternative. But now that the work has been done, should we revert back to our old procedures and operations? Consider how much money was saved by companies through energy consumption and utilities, the reduction of free facilities and even the savings on the elusive toilet roll. Sure, there have been expenses too, such as communication software’s to ensure teams and executives can still communicate effectively. Still, the emergence and trajectory of this software isn’t based solely on a pandemic. Rather, the world seems to grow smaller every day, and while communicating effectively with an office in Australia may have been a challenge in 2002, it’s a basic privilege in modern times. Just because the world can revert back to their old ways, it doesn’t necessarily mean    from home or from a coworking space near to their home can make a huge difference on their productivity and their desire to work hard for your company. For a closer look at how flexible and remote working affects employees, take a look at our article on Coworking Spaces & Mental Health here.


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Now, if you’re self-employed or work as a freelancer, this year may not have been much different to any other, apart from maybe the fear surrounding workflow. If you have worked from home for years, this year wouldn’t have felt much different, but consider how much you could benefit from accessing spaces outside your home that allows you the benefit of networking opportunities. Again, people all over the country have felt the pressures and obstacles that working from home brings. It’s often lonely and tedious, with a lot of people suffering from a lack of motivation through working from home. Coworking spaces offer the opportunity to take your business out into the world while networking with like-minded professionals to take your business to the next level


2020 showed us that nothing is guaranteed in business. One freak incident can change the face of everything and having plans in place can put you and your business on a solid standing point to take on challenges head-on, with back-up plans and procedures in place for any eventuality.


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