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Designed by members, for members

Alex & Scott founded ShiftWorks after running their own businesses from home. Experiencing first-hand what unreliable internet, distractions around the house, and the detrimental effect on mental health that working in isolation can cause. From here, the idea for ShiftWorks was born.

From the beginning, we decided our community was to be the centrepiece of our workspace. We made it our goal to create a collaborative environment that gives members the ability to bounce ideas off of one another and gain feedback, which is key to business growth. For that reason, we concentrated our efforts on growing a close knit community, focusing on providing a quality workspace instead of focusing on maximum occupancy rates and maximizing profits.

Every part of the high-tech ShiftWorks office was designed to increase productivity, reduce admin tasks, and allow businesses to collaborate with each other in a meaningful way. From superfast Wi-Fi, wireless presentation displays, a comfortable and inviting workspace, and on-site tech support, your day to day business functions are streamlined.

If you would like to learn more about what ShiftWorks has to offer, or If you’re interested in joining our community, feel free to get in touch by calling us on 0151 632 6801 or filing out the form below.

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